Worlds first OLIVE FED DUCK !

Umami Olive Fed Duck takes on prestige and level of flavor normally associated with Wagyu. Softer, juicer, and delectable fat sets a level that was previously unattainable until the arrival of Umami. 50% increase in Glutamic Acid almost identical to the effect Olive Feed has for Wagyu. Duck flavor that you’ve never experienced before! This is the world’s first and only olive-fed duck! This is the ultimate roast dinner item that is sure to make a long-lasting impression. Ushering in a new category of Luxury Duck. Umami Olive Fed Duck is now available in Europe! We have whole Ducks, Breasts, and Legs available

What Are The Health Benefits of Olive fed ducks?

Olives are well known for their numerous health benefits, ranging from richness in Vitamin E, Iron, Copper and even Calcium which goes directly to the meat. Poultry World stated that the presence of Vitamin E in Olives play a very important role in ducks growth and development. It strengthens their immunity and nervous system as well. Olives are rich in minerals and vitamins and these are essential nutrients needed to make duck meat notorious taste.

Excellent for growth and development

Feeding ducks with olive feed gives them the proportional amount of iron they need. A good source of iron: It boosts cell reproduction and oxygen intake. Boost immunity: Olive fed duck meat are known for their high antioxidant levels. A healthy source of Amino Acids: Another notable nutrient in olive fed duck meat which also transfers as its benefit is Amino Acid and healthy fats.

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