Freedown hills olive fed wagyu beef

Freedown Hills was set up in 2019. Freedown Hills Wagyu Beef is reared in Yorkshire. It is the only herd in the UK that has Olive Feed added to its diet. The aim of this enterprise is to produce the most exceptional Olive Fed British Wagyu Beef the UK has to offer. Since 2019 we have been delivering our exceptional product to restaurants, wholesalers and the home consumer.

About Scurf Dyke Farm

A predominant westerly wind, infused by the salty air, sweeps across the tranquil rolling plateaus of Scurf Dyke Farm. The farm is nestled amongst dry stone walls, surrounded by lush green fields, fenced in by oak trees that have withstood the test of time.

Even set against this quintessentially British backdrop, it’s not hard to imagine that the climate here, bares many resemblances to Japan. This environment provides the perfect conditions for a breed of cattle that thrives in pristine nature and peaceful surroundings.

The Cows

The wellbeing of the herd is especially important to us and for that reason we have endeavored to minimize the stresses in their lives. Scurf Dyke Farm prides itself on nurturing its herd on the same patch of land for the duration of their life. Per head, the cows enjoy 1.7 acres of space on a plot of 1500 acres. The calves are brought to Scurf Dyke Farm when they are two weeks old, where they remain until they’re culled between the age of 26-28 months.

Farms produce our breed of F1 Wagyu by mixing full-blood Japanese Black with locally sourced Holstein cows. The choice behind the use of Holstein cattle stems from the abundance of ‘by product’ calves left over from the dairy production. Several studies have shown that the tenderness and taste of Holstein beef is at least equal to Angus beef, with the former having a naturally higher percentage of intramuscular fat. This characteristic enhances the umami flavor and tenderness of the meat.

Why we use Olive feed

The cattle’s feeding regime is essential in achieving the finest quality Wagyu Beef. The farm’s lead farmer Roy, plays an indispensable role in raising the cattle to our unique and strict criteria. For their first 14 months the herd grazes on the farm’s fields. The pure marine limestone soil provides the cows with calcium rich grass, essential for the healthy development of their muscles and bones.

Thereafter they are weaned off the grass regime and put on a diet of locally grown cereals made up of maize silage, crushed barley grain and distiller’s grain. During the cow’s finishing process which lasts four months, olive feed is added to the herd’s cereal diet. Olive feed adds an extra depth of flavor to our exceptional products, notably improving the taste, texture and color of the meat. The feed contains a high level of healthy oleic acid and antioxidants (carnosine & anserine). Both these characteristics have been found to help with the herds welfare, consequently improving the quality of the meat.

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