Maimoa – High-quality New Zealand lamb

Maimoa is a hidden gem in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. The melting snow of the nearby Southern Alps supplies water to the sparkling lakes, which early indigenous people used to fish and after whom they were named. Maimoa lamb reflects the qualities of purity, free-range and pure nature. Lambs graze freely on the lush green pastures and are raised in a natural manner. Working with nature, the perfect environment of luscious green pastures, fresh clean water, and a temperate climate – generations of New Zealand farmers have perfected the raising of quality, healthy, lean and nutritious lamb that ensures that the lamb you enjoy has a distinctive flavour and delicate texture.

In New Zealand’s Maori language ‘maimoa’ translates to cherish and take care of.

Grown with care

Sun, rain, grass and integrity. Prime conditions for growing succulent, delicious New Zealand lamb. Our additive-free ethos combines the best of our small country’s land with farmers who feed grass and raise their lambs in a natural environment.

Tenderness locked in

Producing mouthwatering New Zealand lamb doesn’t stop at the farm. Maimoa lamb is curated from only the finest cuts and then aged, guaranteeing a deliciously tender, succulent result in every pack.

Handpicked by experts

Maimoa lamb is grown and then handpicked with care by experienced professionals who know what it takes to select only the best New Zealand lamb on a plate. They spend their days meeting with New Zealand’s finest farmers. Grown with integrity and care, it’s their responsibility to carefully select the very best lamb for the Maimoa brand, every time, guaranteeing a deliciously tender, mouthwatering result in every pack.

New Zealand is a young nation that has focused on sustainable, high-performance agriculture for over 120 years. Because of this, the reliability, consistency, and safety of New Zealand food have made it world-famous.

High quality all year around

Due to its availability all year round and its consistently high quality and taste, the Maimoa lamb is preferred by many star chefs and amateur cooks with high standards.

Maimoa lamb highest quality is guaranteed and the nutritional content and taste are preserved. This product undoubtedly leads to a superior experience for the consumer – it is easy to process and ready to use.

Our Luxury Food EU company focuses on the supply of high-quality top products with world fame, of incomparable value, and with exemplary service for our valued customers.

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